The lambs are all being looked after in different pastures, open the gates so they can all come together so the good shepherd can count is flock.
You got churches for gay people, churches for Christians, Jews and Gentiles, seeks, Catholics, Baptist, born again Christians, Spiritualist and many more. I go to any church I am drawn to or even a new church any friend would invite me to, but most of the time I go to spiritualist churches. Most people that go to spiritualist churches I have found do belong to many religions from all over the world, all believing in god in their own way, I will just add not all spiritualist believe in god but do believe in spirit. One church I would go to was a member of the S N U and would start by saying by you are all welcome here in this church no matter what denomination you are you are all welcome.
So why do people go to church? Why do we need so many? Groups teaching the same word, I had a gypsy friend Walter, he ask me if I would paint a church for him, it was not for a lot of money but hey it was for his church so I said yes. The church got all the paint gave me a key and said I could sleep there if it made it any easier then driving home 60 miles a day, it would take a week to do the job. Once in with my sleeping bag and a kettle I set to work I had no problem with the thought of sleeping in the little kitchen in a church, I would be sleeping on the floor. It didn’t take me long to know I was not alone on the first day, but I was not worried, by the first night being a spiritualist I had a good idea what I had to do. So I set about praying for the building, blessing it with gods love and light. Once I had done that I could set about putting it right spiritually, some children, I will call the children because I don’t know how old they were, with candles and an empty building they decided to play with a Ouija board in the main part of the church, the spirit they had brought in was not very friendly and had been there some time. It did take me about two hours to clear it with the help of spirit, some times they don’t want to go.
At the end of the week the church was finished and ready for use, the minister for the church turned up with a small group of followers, Walter was with them he new I had been sleeping in the church and was a spiritualist, he ask me if there was anything in the church, I told him yes but it o k I had got rid of it, then I ask him why? He told me the week before I took the job he was there painting with six others and they got frightened and had to stop when they become aware they where not alone. People should never play with Ouija boards, spirit is not a toy to be played with. I never got to go to any of their church meeting although they were held all over the country for the travelling community. Caravans turning up on sites and the followers praying to god in circus type tents with people guarding the entrances to stop interlopers and gate crashers. It a shame they don’t welcome all comers and dismiss a lot of the prejudice against the travelling community.
The spiritualist church I go to in Driffield is run by a former Baptist minister, having been a Baptist minister in the church he started to hear spirit and find the healing he was administering was working, so he started giving messages to the congregation that when he was told to leave. I don’t know if he was a good minister but I do feel he was doing his best for god and the holy spirit, the Baptist church lost a good man and he still believes in god.
I did go and see the Archbishop of York John Sentamu speak one night in Driffield, he was speaking at a meeting and I remember I was impressed with him, what he did say was Jesus had twelve disciples and look what he achieved, give me one good man and see what I can achieve. The only thing that sprung to mind was is he only looking in the ranks of is own church, what if he looked out into other churches there must be hundreds of good men out there all working for god.
There are too many churches out there pulling to the light and love of god but not working together. Churches are prejudice to spiritualist when I went to get my daughter christened it was part of the church rules that we should attend the church and evening meetings over a six week period, so we complied to me christening are a part of life and very important. At the end of the six weeks me and my wife where told by the vicar that he would not christen our daughter, going away upset I went back round to the vicarage about twenty minutes later to see if I could change his mind. We sat and talked for about forty five minutes and I did tell him I was a spiritualist, he told me I was a sinner for going to a spiritualist church I was not a Christian and I should repent my sins, this did upset me but he christened my daughter a fortnight later. A year or two later I found myself homeless sat on a bench in a park, no money and a little tobacco, there was a squirrel that had been mauled by a cat or something. Well I sat watching the squire and sending it healing, when I was approached by a young man and ask if I had a spare cigarette, I gave him my tobacco tin and said roll your self one and he did.
Next I was joined by a lady who had decided to sit in the sun next to me, as always I struck up a conversation and I pointed out the squirrel, she decided to go and report it to the park attendants when she returned she told me the R S P C A where coming out to pick the squirrel up but it would be in about two hours as they had to come from Bristol. I said o k and sat for the next two hours sending healing and watching the world go by, I did get approached again and it cost me two cigarettes this time. Well the park attendant did turn up with the R S P C A and three more people to catch the squirrel, boy did I laugh watching them chasing that squirrel it was funny he had recovered and was soon in the trees. Was it the three hours I had been sending the healing, I like to think so, as I walked out of the park I thought about what the vicar had said to me two years earlier that I was not a Christian, I always believed it was to do with what we do that makes us a christen not what church we attend, to me actions speak louder than words, to help someone or give to a wild animal without question or not asking for anything in return that to me is what makes a good christen.
Well at this point I must apologize as I didn’t mean to tell my life story but make the point about spiritualist. My friend Ishaka Khmer made a point spiritual messages are like food to people they need them. Most spiritualist go to church in short spans, they get their feed then don’t go back for weeks. I have been known to go three or four times a week in the past so I suppose I could be called a hard core spiritualist, if you enjoy going to church why not. Now what I would like to see is more spiritualist coming out and going to main stream church because of their belief in the lord. If they are there for this reason wouldn’t it be nice to know they could receive a bit of spiritual food from a minister or a medium. Its only the message the church gives out and the rules they follow and the rules they are ruled by that stops this happening.
Churches have prejudices, god doesn’t. lets call the churches gods armies, all wearing their own uniforms, all preaching the same word in different ways. No one army is any better than any other, they are all equal in the eyes of the lord. As with any army there are conscripts, gods army is no different, but as in any army it is the solders that want to serve that do the best job. Look to the lord with love in your heart and hope in your eyes, hope for the world. All done the same uniform and wear it in your heart not on your backs. With all these armies they have their own rules, these are the rules made by man not the lord, if the churches want unity in the name of the lord shouldn’t they look at the rules that govern them instead of turning them away, they should be welcoming them.
As for me I am only building bridges, it up to the people to decide if they are worth crossing. Perhaps its time for the people to answer a question on what they want from their own church, instead of turning there backs and stopping going to church, tell the church what is wrong and receive the lord in our hearts.

Just one more bit of useless information the term theosophy is derived from the Greek theos (god) and Sophia (wisdom) and is rooted in the belief that all major religions are derived from one regional universal religion, like branches of a tree but all with their own leaves, well that me done for now.

in love and light and
In the name of the lord, the son and the holy ghost

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