We are all bound by our individuality and its own conditions and preconceived notions, like a computer with a default system. Everything runs by default. Our mind also runs by default. When our minds run on default we are not spiritually conscious, we are not always aware of the harm that is done by thoughts that are constantly running through our minds.

Thousands of thoughts pass over the screen of our mind every day and most of them are repetitive in nature. They keep moving in the same rut again and again and again, clouding the mind and obscuring its vision. If we are caught in a negative repetitive pattern then these thoughts sink into the unconscious levels of the mind and become a part of the subconscious mind, which drives our behavioral patterns.

What then are “thought attacks”? We are very familiar with the words “heart attack,” but not so familiar with the words “thought attack”! Every day millions of people all over the world die of heart attacks, but when you search deep in your heart you’ll find that one of the root causes of this phenomenon is the un-conscious mind. In the un-conscious mind thoughts overlap each other and very often attack each other, in a pattern of thought attacks.

In a world where the environment is saturated with negative vibrations, our interactions with members of the family or in the workplace always bring bundles of negative vibrations. These vibrations gradually create a space for themselves in the mind, digging deep, negative ruts. As we start to chew on the negativity, this space in our minds turns into a battlefield. The mind is divided; it becomes reactive; negative thoughts feed on each other and thought attacks ensue, causing spiritual, physical, as well as mental distress.

What are some examples of thought attacks? If somebody says something to you that you don’t like, but you are afraid to tell that person you don’t like what they said because you fear a negative reaction or “war” with them, instead you take the war inside of you. So the war rages inside of you and you are basically fighting with yourself, your own worst enemy.

Perhaps one part of your mind says something and then the other part immediately contradicts it. Sometimes the war is initiated not only internally, but consciously. The dialogue goes something like this: “You shouldn’t have eaten that! Yeah, but it was so good! Yes, but you know better!” Or “You shouldn’t be angry with so-and-so.” “Yes, but I am!” When we have such thoughts, we create all negative vibrations inside of us and then suffer with a silent war internally, whether or not anybody else perceives this self-destructive pattern. That is a typical thought attack. When several negative thoughts attack our mind, then we can say that we are under a thought attack

Heart attacks never come first. Diseases of all kinds can be psychosomatic in nature. A heart attack can be the culmination of lots of thought attacks, from painful shots of negative thoughts. A prolonged negative attitude prompts the central nervous system to send forth a message that all is not well to trillions of cells in our body. As the dark forces of the negative thoughts percolate through our cellular and molecular body they damage our natural immune system, blocking the natural flow of our healing power. They attack one of the softest organs of our body, the heart.

It is the repetitive thoughts which become habits, the repetitive negative thought patterns that damage us mentally and physically and yes, spiritually too. Such habits are admittedly very obstinate and difficult to change. Most people suffer due to habits which are the cause of all their pains. They may even know this and want to change but still find it very difficult and become victims of self inflicted, habitual attacks.

What can help us release or avoid these thought attacks? Once we can investigate and diagnose the breeding ground of all negativity, we have won half the battle. We can now work with determination to transform the lower into higher, the darkness of negativity into the celebration of light!

In order to prevent the possibility of thought attacks, we need to be selective of our thoughts and only welcome those thoughts which can fill our minds with more light and love.

The best antidote to a stressful, negative situation is relaxation. Learn to relax more in life. Practice meditation: any technique that suits you and helps you to calm down your warring mind. The simple technique that always works is to become mindful of your natural breaths. Breath has a magical touch to transform your uncontrolled mind into a state of calmness and tranquility. Try it and you'll believe it.

Consecrate every action that you do to the Divine. Learn to surrender; humble yourself at the altar of the Divine. Fill yourself with gratitude for the innumerable gifts that the Divine showers upon you during your wakeful, dreaming, and deep sleep states.

Count your blessings, be positive, be kind and compassionate, forgive and forget, let go and let God. That is the simple way to be relaxed, moment to moment, and lead a stress-free, happy, healthy life.

Remember, our thoughts are not just thoughts, our thoughts are invitations. We must watch our thoughts, for every thought that we generate in our mind does not stop there; it ripples over and connects.

Our thoughts invite either the world of positive light or the world of diabolic darkness. Wherever we send forth our thought vibrations they connect and evoke similar vibrations which always come back to us. We all know whatever we send forth to the universe, even our thoughts, must one day return back to us. In this lifetime, they return to us in the form of emotional and mental distress, spiritual disease, and physical illness, including heart attacks.

Wake up! How long are you going to sleep in a state of unconsciousness? The world of light is beckoning you; sages and saints, enlightened masters of all traditions, are ready to help you if only you want to help yourself. The ether is filled with positive vibrations of spiritual light emanating from the living saints and ascended Masters. Close your eyes and connect to your heart center. See the illumination of the divine presence in the sanctum of your own being. Break the barriers of all limitations, and expand yourself into universal love, harmony and peace.

When you are in the presence of the divine within you, all conflicting thoughts subside into a calmed state of peace. Your mind is not running on default. Thought attacks are a thing of the past, you are no longer warring with yourself, and you are eternally Free!

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