Top 9 Signs That He Is Head Over Heels In Love

Sometimes figuring out how a man feels about is not as simple as one may think. Some men are not the most verbally expressive and rather than skywriting your names in a heart he may find more mundane but no less poignant ways of showing you that he is IN LOVE with you. Here are my top 11 signs that he is in love with you.


~He stops playing games.

When a guy truly loves you he doesn’t need to play games like waiting a certain amount of time between texts or calls. He will have no troubles being the first to reach out. Men fall in love in our absence and there is a natural tendency to want to touch base. He will not be concerned with how it appears or what message it sends because the only message he is interested in sending is that he wants to hear your voice.


~He is on his best behavior.

When men fall in love they are highly aware of their own behavior and make sure they are not doing anything to screw it up. Suddenly they stop going out every weekend and they no longer court their female friendships as strongly as they do not wish to give you the wrong impression. He will be quick to apologize and go out of his way to be aware of your feelings. This doesn’t mean that he is going to be perfect; he is a man, who will make mistakes, but he is not going to hide behind a dozen excuses and if he hurts you will be quick to apologize and set it right. If he hurts you or makes you feel dismissed and you convey this with little reaction or change from him then it’s a clear sign that he doesn’t really give a shit about how you feel and you should not invest further time and energy.


~He spends the majority of his time with you.

Instead of taking his friends up on every invitation he begins to say no and plan things with you or invite you to be a part of what they are doing. He wants to build something with you and so he is aware of the time and effort that requires. He doesn’t need to troll ladies at the bar or partake in bachelor activities to the same degree as he did before because he is looking to build something strong with you. If you have been dating someone for a long time and they still give the majority of their time to their friends or other facets of their lives this is a HUGE heads up that they may not be invested in building something with you.


~He wants his friends and family to know about you.

When a man is in love with you he likes to broadcast it and that means that you are suddenly invited to family and friend functions. He wants to include you in that part of his life and send the message to them as well that he has found someone that he genuinely cares about. If he considers you just a casual fling he will not let you within 10ft of his friends and family.


~He asks your opinion.

Men do not necessarily ask often for help so rest assured that if he is asking for your thoughts or opinions on something it’s because he values your input. He is also sending you a message that he would like to include you in some of the decisions that he is facing much as partners do. If he makes every decision with nary a consideration to what you think or asking for your input chances are he doesn’t care what you think. He is building HIS life without regard for making you feel even minutely a part of it.


~He wants to help.

Though it may sound rather cavemanish men like to take care of you. They want you to feel supported and taken care of even if you are fully capable of taking care of yourself. If your man is falling in love with you then he will step in, often without needing to be asked to help you out. If you have a problem, he is there to fix it. If you have something broke in your home or on your car he is stepping up to take a look. He wants to be the one you count and he will show his concern for the woman he loves and he will move around his schedule and MAKE the room and time to fit you in. If you cannot even get him to give you a lift to pick up your car that broke down chances are he sees it as YOUR problem which means he should not be YOURS!


~He is not dating others.

A man who loves you has eyes only for you. This doesn’t mean that he is dead below the waist and doesn’t appreciate the beauty of a woman passing by but he doesn’t need to go out and conquer her. He is content where he is at and instead of seeing if the grass is indeed greener on the other side he makes it clear that he is not interested in dating others. There is a bit of a proclamation involved in this. Men will make it clear to you of their intentions and if you two have not had that commitment or exclusivity discussion chances are it’s not a priority to him and you should not just assume that you two are exclusive.


~He isn’t afraid to talk about the future.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that he is going to talk about what type of songs you will dance to at your wedding reception but its suddenly “we” instead of “me” and he talks about his future plans, even the immediate future, from a frame of reference that includes you. If your man is still planning trips and talking about HIS future and gives no sign that you are a part of it then you should assume you are not and ask yourself why you continue to hang on his every word.


~He says “I love you”

This one is pretty straightforward and leaves little room for discussion. If a man utters the words I love you chances are he means them but keep in mind that words are just that, words. Actions backing up those words are what bring this whole thing together. A man can say anything he wants, in truth so if he says he loves you and yet doesn’t seem to have any actions which back this up ask yourself whether you can really trust what you hear.


Keep in mind that these signs of his potentially loving you are not something to force nor are they something that you should be going over with a fine toothed comb. I always suggest that it’s better to have a carefree and open attitude when it comes to relationships than one which picks through every little detail for signs of “what if”.


A wearer of phenomenal shoes, drinker of fabulous wine and diviner of cards, Laura Brown's mission is to guide and empower women on matters related to love and romance. With a decidedly blunt but down-to-Earth approach Laura hones in on the subtleties and helps women to understand the bigger picture within their love lives. Learn more about Laura through her site Modern Sibyl and stay up to date over at her Facebook page

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