As we go through our spiritual journey, learning what it truth and what is an illusion can be one of the most difficult passages to make. It seems just when we think we have it all figured out, something will happen, we will read something new, or listen to someone's opinion on what is reality. When these crossroads come up it is so easy to get caught up in other people's thoughts and completely loose our memory of who we really are. We may even feel like we are starting out all over again.

When we become confused, that is the time we need to be still and reflect upon who we are; looking through the eyes of our soul rather than our physical body. Everyone is at various levels of vibration and this makes it even more complicated at times to know what is real or not. The higher our vibration has become the more self-love and compassion is within us. What was truth for us years ago or even just yesterday may not be the same as today as we ascend spiritually.

That does not mean we are above or beneath anyone, simply on various levels of ascension. To some who are on one level of vibration revenge may be their truth to handle the feelings of being hurt or wronged while to another they would send love to heal the one who had wronged them. As we grow the veils of illusion will become thinner until all we see is truth.

How can we tell the difference?After all an illusion appears to be the truth but it does have one big difference. It promises you one thing but delivers another. For example often people think having more money will solve all their problems only to find out that didn't make them happy. It didn't provide that inner peace they were actually looking for. It may have provided a band aide type of solution but in the long term there was something deeper they required.

Think for a moment on what your life might be like if you were able to take away all the illusions and you could know a higher truth? This would enable you evaluate the situation; take the appropriate action to get the results you wanted. You would be able to work and talk with others with the understanding that they may be on a different level than you so are approaching matters from a different angle. At this level you would not be afraid to look past what is being presented to you as truth but rather you would listen to your Higher Self to feel and know what was true to you. Wouldn’t it be great to just know what your purpose was and how to achieve it?

Meditation is one of the most important venues for opening up the connection with who we really are. It is in this stillness that we discover our purpose, lessons we are here to learn and ways to accomplish them. It is through allowing our Higher Self (spirit) to emerge that we truly begin to see the truth and become willing to change our views as our awareness grows. We need to take time each day to calm the chatter of the physical and emotional body and just be in the moment.

After all, the moment is all we have. Things that were bothering us yesterday or ten years ago or just five minutes ago are over and done with, unless we choose to hold onto them and relive them. We can hold onto the thoughts and memories that made us feel a victim or break those chains and free ourselves and become a survivor. Those events in the future have yet to materialize. We create our reality with our own thoughts so if we are to think of the future we need to focus on it being the reality we desire not one that it the opposite!

By realizing that each of us is really a light being in a physical body on his/her own journey we begin to see beyond people’s personalities. We meet and experience a variety of people and events throughout our life and each one can be a learning tool for us to use on our own path. How we use that tool is up to us. There are those who believe in the same things they did as a child; trusting those around them to provide them with their truth. As they grew they chose to block out opening their own thoughts or changing because it conflicted with others opinions. Then there are those who always questioned, looked for answers and were not afraid to make changes when needed. This is not always easy but when we are seeking the truth, our own reality, we have a yearning within that keeps calling us to look further and explore all possibilities.

Steps to breaking down the veils of illusions:

* Learn to observe without comparing others to your own opinions, pushing your thoughts onto others, evaluating or making up stories about what is going on.

* Practice observing things as they really are without adding your feelings or interpretation. For example, place an object in front of you and look at then state what you see.

* Stop the judgment of others! Often when we judges others we are projecting our thoughts about reality onto them. For example, you see a mother yelling at her child and you think she is a bad mother when in fact you have no idea what has been going on prior to this event.

* Remember that sending love to others can do far more to lift them up than your negative judgment.

* By leaving out the judgment of others you clear your mind to see them for who they really are. Remember we need to love others for who they are at this moment in time not waiting for them to become who we think they could or should be.

* To help another grow, focus on their strengths rather than their weaknesses. We need to remember to do this with ourselves as well. Acknowledge that there are areas in your personality or life that need to be improved but use your inner strengths to help get you there.

* The biggest illusions come when you accept the thoughts and beliefs of another without questioning their value to you. Just because everyone believes something to be true does not make it so. Think of how many things throughout history were thought to be true until someone stepped outside this particular train of thought by questioning its truth and discovered a new truth.

* Through your thoughts and meditation ask the question what is true to me? Then be willing to receive the answers. Look at things as through the eyes of a child, looking at things for the first time.

* Talk, act and live in a way that is true to you – living in harmony with your beliefs and values.

* Accept those challenges that come your way as stepping-stones on your spiritual learning path. Take something positive from each experience. In this way you will begin to understand your own truth and purpose.

* Be willing to see things clearly. Learning to follow the heart is not always easy but the rewards are wonderful! It is here you find the strength and faith to manifest your reality.

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Comment by Lori Glier on February 17, 2012 at 9:20am
So very true , your words flow and captured me so!

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