Two Powerful Detriments of Humanity

By Robin Coventry


If you could change the world, would you do it?  Are you afraid of change? Do you accept, resent or fear change? Do you look outside for change?  Is change something you think “other” people must do to make the world a better place?


Looking at the world, we see a plethora of experiences being had by roughly 7.4 billion people. Everyone sees the world from a different perspective, depending on his or her own life experience.  That is what makes us so uniquely special.


Feeling the question, “If you could change the world, what would you do?” seems like a monumental task.  How about if you deconstruct that vastly subjective topic into smaller aspects of life like – hemisphere, continent, country, state, county, city, and community does that make it easier?  Then look into your own living environment to family, friends and yourself – the Self – were it all begins; is the start of progressive long lasting change.


A common action in and outside of societal norms is to compare ourselves to others.  This begins the process of divisional attitudes and beliefs that separate us from one another. We assume to know how people feel, then cast judgment upon those we do not understand or those with beliefs different from our own schemes.  So what are we doing, creating divisions that can be irreparable depending on the human thought process? 


When we cast our own judgments we create new divisions in the energetic fields that surround us, and that of our world.   Culturally based on the trainings of our ancestors and countries we see the world from a perspective of borders, walls and divisions.  Fortunately for us, the life forms on earth are all connected energetically through the matrix of soil, water, air and our own energetic fields.   No matter where we are, even standing alone on the top of the world’s highest mountain peak we remain connected too and through the energy of All That Is.  


You may be asking where is this article leading?  The “this” in this article is the we, us, you, self or the I.  All change begins with the I, of each of us.


When the egoic mind is allowed to trod over the sense of well being for all humanity or the “others” meaning people other than self or the I, we set conditions that no life on our planet should have to bare.  


The lack of self-love and denial seems to have become the primary disease of humanity.  Our vast population of people around the world can see the current system is not working.  The egoic disease of earth’s people, looks outside self for the infection, blinded by the real inner cause, not seeing truth.  It deceives a person, keeping them from the realization that all answers come from within. 


 So, what can we do?


Let’s begin with the realization that each person on this planet is unique. No one has had the same total life experience.  Our belief system creates our identity and that is programmed from youth in the core foundational years of our lives.  I am not saying we cannot evolve beyond the formative training of youth; we most certainly can and do by accepting more beliefs through out our life.  As we accept more beliefs the old beliefs lay buried or dormant until a trigger arises to bring them to the surface. To show the conscious mind that you have a nugget in your unconsciousness that compares to the current situation.


So where does it begin?  It starts with a child. When children in infancy, and early to late childhood through adolescence, are programed by words such as “bad, naughty, wild, contrary, delinquent, defiant, awkward, uncontrollable, ” and the actions that may have followed these words, a lack of self-love roots deeply within. This lack of self love, or subtle programing may seem innocuous but it is a contributing factor to the sense of a person’s low self worth.  Even those  children showered with love as time moves forward are stifled because the poison has been placed into their unconscious mind. 


How do we undo these words or release them from our own unconscious programming? We have to learn to go within. We must see the value in ourselves and the lessons learned from our own life experiences.  This type of thinking helps us to analyze uncomfortable even horrific experiences with a new set of eyes.  What lessons did the experience teach you?  Here is where care must be taken to not let the ego ride high above the truth of your own internal answers.  The egoic mind thinks it is protecting you by creating barriers to the truth. It is not.  It is up to the individual to get around the block of ego and face the true lessons.  Remember, it’s never about the other person; it is always about you; who you are and what you accept as your truth.  No one can make you feel anything, that is your doing or undoing.


Being guided by Source and feeling from the heart  (not mind) allows us to scrutinize ourselves and see where the negative debris within our energetic field has created blocks to our own well being and the acceptance of “other” people.  Using the word “other” is a dualistic program, for we are all one. However, the word is used in this article to help you see how we create inner divisions that affect our entire lives.


Our task is to see our life’s lessons through the inner eyes of heartfelt acceptance by lovingly allowing the past to be freed from charged emotions.  Transforming them into lessons learned without judgments we can find within our own hearts a place of appreciation for our own life journey.  So begins the true love of self released from ego.


When we get to the deep place of love and understanding, the release work is exquisitely Divine.  Within the wisdom of Love lies the heart of humanity, the essence of our Creator, the utter truth that we are all worthy, all precious, all deserving of a well lived life.   With an activated heart (not one that has been shut down) we become active participants of a loving life; of a life that sees through the fresh eyes of love as a witness to the beauty and positive capabilities of humanity.  We learn and truly see the beauty and value in everyone.  By releasing the lack of self-love and denial we no longer view  “others” as the problem, we become the change agents the energizers of love & peace on earth.


As we grow in frequency and vibration into the compassionate beating, loving heart   of humanity, we shift the fear-based programming of our precious world to one of solidarity and love.


Robin Coventry is a Theta Healing® Certificate of Science Instructor. She has an MBA and is the author of a few forthcoming books.  She enjoys life! She also teaches as an adjunct at a community college. She has studied and uses many complementary holistic alternatives.  Robin is a published nature photographer, stained glass artist and writer. Her website is




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Comment by Robin Coventry on March 16, 2016 at 9:56am

Thanks Kathy.

Comment by Kathy Custren on March 15, 2016 at 8:56pm

When I or any of the other editors forward articles to the publishers, they can be slated for publishing in the magazine and/or website, Robin. Please let me know if you have any other questions, and I look forward to new articles from you. ~ Blessings! 

Comment by Robin Coventry on March 11, 2016 at 4:43pm

Kathy Crustren, when you send it to publishers, it means they take a look is that right?

Comment by Robin Coventry on March 1, 2016 at 8:57am

Kathy Crustren, thanks for the heads up!   I was unaware till your message that that was so.  I have turned it on.  Appreciate it.  Warmest Regards!  

Comment by Kathy Custren on February 29, 2016 at 10:17pm

And kindly set your message settings to Unmoderated, so other editors know your article has been selected. We had asked all contributors to leave comments open. Thank you very much!

Comment by Kathy Custren on February 29, 2016 at 10:16pm

Robin, your article is being forwarded to the publishers, with our thanks ~ Blessings! :)

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