What if our true potential lies not with our advancing technologies, or in the study of Genetics, but with our understanding of the field of consciousness?  This is a field of pure potentiality, where all possibilities exist in waiting.  In order for us to discover and deeply engage in this field, it requires us to be active participants in our wholeness; a mind, body and soul endeavor.  It is not a destination; it is a part of us that is awaiting activation.  Our world is deeply rooted in a physical, third dimensional reality based on the five senses.  When we make the shift from this thinking into a more multi-sensory paradigm, one that understands consciousness as the driving force of the universe, that is where all potential lies.   In order to do this we need to break down some barriers, shift our thinking and open our hearts.  Each individual has the opportunity to contribute to humanity’s unleashing of our true potential. 

Losing our Identity

Identity is an illusion.  While there is huge value in connecting with the core or essence of who we are, but our potential will never grow within the confines of a personal identity. An identity is a version of ourselves that is largely based on our perception of what others think of us.  The first thing we do when we meet someone new is to begin re-telling the story of who we are.  Every time we re-tell this story, we create a picture of something that doesn’t really exist.  While some of the story may contain factual details, it is only a representation of a person, not the whole person. This re-hashing of the details also does something else very significant; we make an agreement to maintain the status quo. The truth is we are very dynamic beings who are constantly in flux. As we re-tell our story we give the impression that we are a static being, but it is only through the re-telling of these details that that story endures.

Carlos Castaneda says that in order to become a Warrior, or a person of considerable impeccability and personal power, one must release themselves of their personal history.   The story we tell ourselves has energy; it changes the body biochemically and leads to the same actions.  Re-telling of all the details connects the person to that information and vibrational frequency over and over again.   The first step to unleashing our potential is to live knowing our dynamism.  To allow ourselves the opportunity to grow and evolve, the energy that we direct toward maintaining the illusion must be released individually and globally.

Know Thy Center

The reason I want you to separate your essence from your identity, is that when we identify ourselves with our role or circumstances we give away our power.  A person might identify himself as a victim or as a teacher. Now he may be a great teacher, but it is the parts of his essence and his gifts that makes him a great teacher rather than simply the role.  If he was to lose that job and his identity was enveloped in the role, that could be devastating, but if he connects with his essence he knows that those aspects of him still exists even when the role is gone.   

When it comes to unleashing our potential, our connection to our essence is vital.  So many people may come along and tell you who you are and what your status is.  The truth is nobody knows you better than you. You know your own gifts, what triggers you, what nourishes you and what puts you off balance.  If you don’t know these things, start to pay attention to your actions and ask yourself, why am I doing this? Not in a judgmental or self-deprecating way, but in a curious way.  Be curious and explore what makes you tick.  Most of the information that people use as facts to determine labels are based on studies done for populations.  They are conclusions drawn for large groups of people, they do not tell your story.  So don’t let people put labels on you, it is their way of trying to navigate the world, but our potential will never exist in a box self imposed or otherwise.  It becomes vitally important that you become aware of how you work, what inspires you and where your hope lies? Don’t let people tell you your story.

Understand the Illusion of Time

Whether it is the clock or the calendar, we live under the illusion of linear time.  While this may be a valuable pragmatic strategy for ease of daily activities, it keeps us in our mechanistic thinking.  Our potential lies with tapping into the unknown, in opening ourselves up to the timeless.   This is the moment of now.  So much of our suffering involves living outside of the moment.  We have a constant bombardment of inner thoughts that takes us to other places, other moments in time.  When we really operate from the now moment, creation and manifestation could potentially be instantaneous.  

See the World Energetically

At what frequency do you spend most of your time? What do you think about often?  In the world of energy, your energy will flow where your attention goes.  Our thoughts affect us biochemically, they structure our neural networks and they have a vibrational frequency.  Unleashing our potential requires us to see the world through an energetic lens.  How do you show up in your relationships, do you move through life with joy?  Now look at these two instances energetically.  If you spend your time around people who lift you up, then you spend your time in higher vibrations.  Conversely, if you spend your time surrounded by fear, insecurity or resentment, how does that impact your own energy field?  Practice love and compassion for yourself and others, shift your life and your work in a heart centered way.   Our potential thrives in a space of love and diminishes in a space of fear.

Practice Soul Level Self-Care

Think of self-care from a more spiritual and energetic viewpoint.  Think about how you want to create a vessel suitable for expanded consciousness.  A vessel enlightenment ready is fed clean, whole foods, it moves creatively on a regular basis, it gets adequate amounts of rest and it takes time out for inward reflection and relaxation.  All of these activities should be done in a mindful, conscious manner, again bringing yourself as often as you can to the moment of now. 

Unleashing our potential is only first step in creating a better world. Potential takes us closer to actuality, to the manifesting of our desires, the conscious creation of our earth and the healing of the world.  Of course what we do with this potential must be carefully and consciously contemplated.  So much of our limits are self-imposed and mind made.  We are powerful beyond our wildest dreams, so much potential just lying below the surface.  It is time to activate it and create a new dream and a new world.

Angela Levesque is writer, healer and health educator.  She is the author of Healing Environment: The Conscious Creation of Health.  Angela also hosts On Health & Healing on a2zen.fm.   Angela works with clients doing intuitive lifestyle coaching, and teaches several classes on self-care, meditation & weight loss. Visit www.hestiahealth.com for more information. Find her on https://twitter.com/HestiaHealth and http://www.facebook.com/hestiahealth


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Comment by Angela Levesque on January 10, 2014 at 10:07am


Comment by Guy Joseph Ale, DBA on January 10, 2014 at 7:24am
Dear Angela,
There are some eternal, simple truths in this piece. Blessings.
Comment by Trevor Taylor on January 10, 2014 at 5:46am

Hi Angela - recommended to the publishers for inclusion in one of the forthcoming multi-media editions of OM Times

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