What You Need To Know: How To Be In The World And Not Allow It To Affect Your Peace.


How would you feel if you could be “in the world”… and absolutely not allow it to affect you? How valuable that would be. It would mean the end of suffering. Freedom from worry, blame, self-reproach and guilt which would allow you to create the space for more love, joy and peace in your life. This is really about living consciously, understanding how your position affects your perspective. Consider the image of light hitting a prism and creating a rainbow. The light would represent source/oneness/pure consciousness, the prism would represent the universe of form (what you perceive as a human) and finally the rainbow would represent your perception of separateness or “others”.


  • Wake Up!
  • In the dream or from the dream?
  • Where do you begin? Your first steps towards freedom…


Wake Up!

The alarm is sounding…. You may experience it as emotional pain and suffering. It is the call asking you to move out of your current position of self-identification (ego) and into a position of consciousness. This position of consciousness has been given many labels such as higher self, conscious mind, holy self and spirit. It is your link, your bridge back through the prism to source. It is the point of light that first shone through the prism, in the nano-second it began refracting and creating the rainbow.

Separateness provides you the opportunity to have a human experience from the stance of “I, me, and mine”. Reflect on a child of about 3-4 years old. The child at this age is developing a sense of self, and the process of individualization requires that labels, judgments, and opinions be created. What is “me” what is not? Is this experience “good”? Do you want to have it again? These are all examples of how you begin to create yourself, your persona… personality and stand in the position of self-identification. Persona is necessary in the universe of form.  It is your vehicle from which you relate or react as you perceive the world. If it is not balanced with consciousness (that aspect of you which is nearer to source), you will attract suffering through continual self-identification. Everything will appear to happen to you rather than through you. Waking up is realizing which position you are relating/reacting from and choosing to live consciously in each moment.


In the dream or from the dream?

Waking up in the dream, would mean you are making conscious choices and allowing life to unfold as it will without attempting to control the outcome. Why is this important? When you are attached to a particular outcome you create resistance and are not flowing with life.  This resistance slows down the energetic flow and creates tension, or stagnation which in turn attracts emotions such as pain, suffering, disappointment. This is not to say that if you relax and live the motto “it is… what it is” that life will be rosy. It does mean that without attachment… what flows in is experienced and released easily without holding onto it and prolonging the experience.


The ripples flowing in towards you, where do they come from? How are you creating life? If it’s through you, why isn’t it a bed of roses? You’ve done your work, haven’t you? Let’s return to the idea of the prism. The single light (source) moves through the prism (universe of form) and refracts and splits into the colors of the rainbow (you and others). The appearance of different colors, of separateness is illusion.  You started as one light. That means human experience appears individual but there is interconnections. You are one with all.  If you are highly sensitive you know this is true because you feel other people’s emotions as well as your own. The people you come in direct contact with, the people in your neighborhood, your state, country, and other countries… the world. The collective consciousness creates the outline of the story happening. You fill in the chapters as it unfolds by how you relate or react. The collective creates ripples, your country, state, city, neighborhood and the people you come in contact with…. all creating ripples you may experience. The key question for you is, in what position do you meet them? Are you in self-identification or consciousness? Will you act from a place of involuntary re-activity or will you accept, allow and flow with life in whatever form it takes?


Waking from the dream of separateness means that you are ready to surrender to the truth. You are one, your state of be-ing is peace, love, joy and compassion. This has become your main position. Persona only remains as a vehicle for interaction for the world of form. You know the truth.

This universe of form has natural laws and operates from the law of karma. When you see suffering you relate in a state of compassion.  You may respond consciously and in kindness…. because this suffering is your suffering, you who are one. Enlightenment isn’t something that is reached and then it’s done, rather it is a practice in each moment. Each moment that you live in truth, each moment you consciously choose your position and see others as a part of unrealized self, allowing them to come to realization in their own time. While at the same time you hold them in acceptance, compassion, and love because now you understand…. opinions and judgments only separate.


Where do you begin? Your first steps towards freedom…

Recognize the story you are spinning. It is defining you and supporting the illusion of separateness. Step out of self-identification and relate from the position of consciousness. Accept that life will unfold as it will, you’ve no power to control it and trying will only cause suffering.  Does that mean you don’t try to make the world a better place? No, it means you accept things as they are and rather than judge, label and offer opinions… you instead practice conscious living, taking the next right step while flowing in harmony with life.

  • Accept
  • Allow
  • Be present in the moment
  • Flow with life

With practice you can sustain the position of consciousness with increased ease. Ripples may come toward you but now you allow them to roll over you without offering resistance.  You maintain your balance, while experiencing what was previously challenging. You observe the experience of negative emotions (such as hurt, sadness, disappointment) with an open compassionate heart.  You feel peace in acceptance. You’ve surrendered self-identification and merged into truth and the light of consciousness.

Lynn Zambrano

Lynn shows highly sensitive people how to identify and bring balance to the energy and emotions they feel, so they can heal and find joy and peace.

Please visit: http://www.lynnzambrano.com

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Comment by Kathy Custren on March 18, 2016 at 7:12pm

Hi, Lynn - nice article! Two major things I see: One easy fix is that your Bio paragraph is missing, if you could add that, please. Second thing is the extensively long title. I would like you to consider something shorter and more in line with the subtitles you are using for the other parts of your piece, such as:

Waking Up and Stepping Into Freedom (62)
Step Into Freedom by Waking Up (61)
Freedom and Peace: Awake and Aware (66)

Pick a favorite and let me know when you have your revisions ready, please, so it can be forwarded to the publishers?? Thanks very much ~ Blessings! 

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