There is never a moment that Creation is not “creation-ing.”  At least in the realm of the Relative.  Dimensions as levels of consciousness are infinitely coupling, begetting more Creation, into perpetuity—Its own power source.  Every breath you take, every thought, every interaction is the grace, the magic, the mystery of the all-encompassing, boundless power of the Indivisible - One. 

Awakening to the knowledge that you are part of Creation as a Co-creator, one begins to examine life-long patterns that persist, such as health issues, poverty, or failing to find a purpose-driven life.  Why do life challenges persist even after awakening to one’s true nature as part of the Divine? 


When an appearance of limitation is in your face 24/7 and there is no escape, the Universe is effectually saying, “Look, if you don’t resolve this, consciousness cannot expand into higher dimensions.” As you are part of the whole, consciousness cannot “grow” without you coming along.  Creation cannot continue to create, so the pressure is on.  Literally.

In general, the intense heat from the fire is the result of a schism between the creative aspects of your being:  super-conscious, conscious, subconscious or mind/body/spirit.  Let’s take a look at one example:

It seems that health/psychological challenges reflect a schism between the subconscious and conscious mind that has been running throughout your life; most likely, many lifetimes.  In other words, you are at war with a belief that conflicts with reality—a war between the conscious and subconscious mind. 

Let’s meet a woman called Laura.  She may have intellectually liberated herself, in that she gives herself permission to be sexually active and enjoy sex, while deep inside, she her subconscious is running the program her religion instilled in her as a child that sex is bad and is only permitted in certain circumstances.  Her feelings of guilt create a conscious/subconscious war, or schism, resulting in her immune system failing to ward off a sexually transmitted disease Laura’s been exposed to.  Guilt manifests more guilt, in that if she has sex with a new partner, she may or may not transmit the disease, etc.  The plot thickens and so does the intensity of the conflict.


This is what is so amazing about Creation as the Indivisible One—the resolution of the challenge already exists simultaneously and is running under its own power.  It is not even necessary to psychoanalyze exactly what your particular schism is.  The Human is being invited by Being to bear witness.  By being the silent witness as pure, non-judging Awareness, you neutralize the power of your particular life-challenge.  The “resolution” that already exists is the purity of your true nature as unconditional love.

Here is the paradox.  This all sounds wonderful, but the Human is still begging, “What can I DO?”  In the above example, the health problem became an entity running under its own power (in co-creation with Laura), the more she gave it power by making it part of her life story—lamenting about it, allowing it to debilitate her life—in other words, allowing it to remain in the driver’s seat of Laura’s life.


One must remove all storylines from the front seat, not just the “bad,” and begin to place them in the backseat of one's life.  This is the road to mastery.  All of life’s experiences are an invitation to be the silent witness.  To be “neutral,” to take the Buddhist middle path, or more accurately, to return to a state of unconditional love.  By bearing witness, you are now in alignment with your true nature, becoming the blank canvas on which life paints.  Oh, the beauty of it all!

In reality, all of Creation exists in perpetuity as “finished.”  The work is done—past, present future are in place as the eternal now.  This is what the Masters are referring to when it is said that “nothing is happening.”

Your choice is to resist what is already complete or you can go with the flow by returning to a place of non-judgmental not-knowing, forgetting the past, letting go of future expectation, and see what arises from there.  No longer mis-creating by being in the way, you allow the miraculous to shine forth in you, the illusion of the appearance of lack dissipating like fog in the sunshine of your true nature!


Dedicated to the advancement of human consciousness, Christine Horner is the founder of In the Garden Publishing, Bodhi UniversiTree and is the author of the ground-breaking and acclaimed What Is God? Rolling Back the Veil and The Gift.  This article may be reproduced with full attribution only.

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Comment by Christine Horner on December 1, 2013 at 5:41pm

Many thanks, Trevor!    Happy holidays to you and everyone at OM Times...

Comment by Trevor Taylor on December 1, 2013 at 1:24pm

Hi Christine. Recommended to the Publishers for inclusion in one of the January 2014 multi-media editions

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