It is often said that we are eternal. But what does this mean? Our total self is composed of body, mind and Soul. Our body and mind are not eternal because they are both influenced by time and space. Our body will age with time and our mind interprets reality from a 4 dimensional (3 of space and 1 of time) perspective.

Our Soul however, is eternal because but it functions both in the physical AND spiritual dimensions of existence. Our mind and body (physical self) are expressions of our Soul. Our Soul gave birth to our physical self and not the other way around. A seed will grow and become a tree, but a tree does not grow and become a seed. The seed activates its inner properties and becomes a tree. Similarly, our Soul activates its qualities and creates our physical life experience.  

What does it mean to say that our Soul is eternal? It means it is not subjected to time and space.  It exists in no time and no space. It always was and always will be. There is no beginning and no end. Beginning and end are qualities within time and space. Consider the question; what is two plus two? The answer is four. When did two plus two start becoming four, and, when will two plus two stop becoming four? It always was and always will be four. Two plus two equals four is eternal.

Another way to look at this is to think about your date of birth. And, you can say that you were born on a particular time, day and year. Now ask; when was your Soul born? You will notice that your mind cannot come up with an answer to this question. Even if we were to claim that our Soul was born on our date of birth, at an intuitive level, the very notion of this feels wrong.

When we think of our date of birth we also have a location. We were born in a certain country, city and address. And, we might have such information on our birth certificate. What address would go into the birth certificate of your Soul? And, the whole idea of when and where our Soul was born seems incomprehensible to the mind.

Our Soul was never born nor will it ever die. Birth and death are expressions of physical reality and not spiritual reality. Our Soul exists only in the eternal NOW moment of time. It does not move through space, therefore, there is no "over there" or "back there." Since, it does not move through space it does not function on time either. Time is only a product of space. We need to move through space to experience time. Your living room takes up a certain amount of space; therefore, it will take time to walk from one end of your living room to the other.

Because the spirit realm does not function on time and space our Soul does not "go anywhere" and there is no "later" or "yesterday." Qualities such as these do not exist in the Spirit realm. All events occur in this one singular moment we call NOW.

Even though our Soul exists within us, it is multidimensional in nature, whereby, it is within us AND everywhere else at the same time. It is not confined to a fixed location. It is not located in our heart or our mind alone; this is a finite form of reality. Our Soul is infinite and eternal. It "fills" the NOW moment. There is no part of the eternal NOW where our Soul cannot be found.

Since our Soul is eternal, and everywhere, it does not come and go. And, it is well aware of all possible future outcomes of our physical life. It knows various possibilities of our future before we do. It knows the answer to our questions before we even ask the question. Our Soul is everywhere and it is unconditional love.

Does all of this sound familiar? You may be thinking this all sounds like God; always here, all loving and all-knowing. Yes, this is correct. Our Soul is an extension and expression of the "All That Is" creator which many refer to as God. Does this then mean that we are part of God? Yes we are creators and creation all at the same time. Our Soul is our direct connection to the love and sacredness of the Divine. We are Divine. As we rise in consciousness many more people are realizing and remembering this ultimate Truth.

Our Soul's love, power and guidance are here now. We don't have to wait for it to arrive "someday" for there is no such thing as "someday" in spiritual reality. This means we always have access to our divine guidance. Sometimes we may not feel the power and sacredness of our Soul. Not because it is not there, but we are mistakenly trying to reach our Divinity with the mind, or, we are trying too hard. The mind must be quiet like in times of meditation or solitude. Then the gates will open for awareness and sensory connections to the Soul.

Our work is to not always feel our Souls presence. Instead, to know it is there and learn to trust in its guidance. Its guidance will come in the form of excitement, inspiration, motivation, loving feelings, intuition and good deeds.  Trust by doing good things and feeling positive we are in those moments connected to our Soul.

If you do not feel the presence of your Soul; it is not because it is not there. Remember, our Soul cannot not be there; this is impossible. If you are in a basement of a building and you cannot see or feel the sun shining on your face, this does not mean the sun has disappeared. You have placed yourself in a condition where you have shut out the sun. The sun did not close itself off from you; you closed yourself off from it.

When we are in negativity and fear we are in those moments choking off the energy of our Soul. And, we know something is wrong, because we do not feel good.  This, by the way, is the simplest measure to determine if we are in tuned with our Soul or not. If we feel good we are. If we feel bad we are not.

Having said this, it is important that we do what we can, in whatever ways we can, to feel good, stay positive, help others and spend earnest time to contemplate the magic and grandness of our Soul. And, trust that by doing so; all good things shall come to you.

About the Author:
Bob Mangroo is a personal potential coach and spiritual teacher.  His training and coaching work includes hypnosis, meditation and Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP). In addition, he has earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada.

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