Which Content Is the Best for Your Blog

It’s a big question that’s getting bigger by the day. After all, it wasn’t so long ago that the only real option was text if you didn’t want to spend huge amounts of money and/or time. Now that’s changed. There are a lot of software possibilities to make it easier for you to create content in different forms.

And so deciding which you’ll use is becoming ever more pertinent. For that reason, we’re going to explore this question in detail today. Are you ready? Then let’s get started.

What does your audience want?

The next big question is, what kind of content is your audience interested in? This is relatively easy to find out nowadays, through such tools as, for example, Facebook Audience Insights. This is something that you can access from the Ad Manager tab in Facebook itself. If you hit the tab, you can get information about your audience as well as what other sites they generally.

Similarly, if your site has history, you can use Google Analytics to find out what sites have the lowest bounce rates and which get shared around the most. In that way, you can easily figure out what content people come to see the most often.

From there, you can get a really good idea of what kind of content works best. Are the videos getting the biggest response? Is it the podcasts that get the most feedback?

Of course, another great advantage is that you can also see what kind of content works well (the subject rather than the medium). In that way, you can copy that as well. Make sure that you scroll back a few months so that you find content that their audience is likely to have forgotten about. Then you can give that a new jacket and present it as a new idea.

Do what you’re good while you get better at the other stuff

The first thing to consider is what you’re good at. If you’re really much better at one of the three forms then that’s where most of your attention should go. After all, it isn’t just how you present your information, but how well it’s put together that will decide if it’s good content or not.

Of course, if you have a preferred method of delivering content, that doesn’t mean that you should only create content in that direction. Always be working on another project in the background. It doesn’t have to be steaming ahead, but as long as you’re making progress then you’re learning an alternative form of presenting information.

The advantage of doing that is that you’ll stack your knowledge and your skill set. For example, not only can you write articles, but you can create podcasts and videos as well. That’s great for your blog and even better for you, as it gives you far more flexibility. You’ll be able to make videos, do writing, use MyEssaysLab and do in-the-field recordings. That will serve you well, no matter if you keep working as a blogger or if you change up your field entirely. 

Ask and experiment

Always ask questions of your audience. Sure, many questions won’t actually be answered (though if you do it correctly, many wills), but when somebody does give you feedback that gives you invaluable insights into what works and what doesn’t. Even better, it gives your audience the idea that it’s not just a monolog, but that there is a real back-and-forth going on. That will create the feeling that it isn’t just a website, but a community.

So go on and put up a questionnaire that asks what articles people liked best. That will give you direct feedback as to what you should do more of.

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment. People often like it when sites try new things to spread information. Sure, it might not always work, but at least they feel like the company or site isn’t sitting on its laurels and not trying anything new.

Consider recycling content

When you find a piece of content that works particularly well for you in one medium, why not try bringing it across to another one? So if it worked well as a text, then you can turn it into a podcast where you interview somebody. Or if you already did a podcast, why not create a little animation where you show the statistics that you were talking about.

You see, most people have one preferred way of consuming media. That means that if you present the same information in different mediums, then you’ll reach different parts of your audience.

Even better, by revisiting a subject, you might see new angles that you might have missed, you can do more research, or you can take a different approach from the last time. This will make sure that even though the information is largely the same, people will still be interested due to the different presentations that you’re using.

Rich Schefren has taken this to the logical extreme. He’ll start with presentation slides, use that to give a webinar, which he’ll also distribute afterward. He’ll also create audio-only files for people who prefer it in that way and will have the webinars transcribed into PDFs for people who would prefer to read the content. In that way, everybody can consume the content as they would like.

Now, admittedly each technique does lead to a bit of cannibalization, as people will only consume one form and not several, but overall he reaches a much larger audience.

Last words

Content creation is feedback process. You create something and then you look at how people respond to it. From there you then get a better idea as to what works, what doesn’t and what you should try next. For that reason, always be studying the statistics, always pay attention to what people are saying and always keep track of which formats have legs (as in, get shared and watched/read/listened to for the longest time afterward). That’s the kind of content that works best for you.

Of course, also remember that a mixture is even better. This will give your audience different options and keep them interested in what you’re doing. Often, using different formats is far more interesting than relying on one form alone. 

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