Can you know yourself through the words that arise in your mind? Can your manifestations define you? Are you clinging to life in the attempt to find yourself and define yourself? Who are you really? What are you?

There is down, right, left, inside, outside,  time and space, your past, your present, your future, but where are you? Where is that creator of the movie that you call your life? Can we know the creator of the movie by watching the movie?

Who are you? What are you?

You are doing your yoga, you are meditating and being the witness of your thoughts, your emotions, your needs, your wishes and hopes. You know you are alive because you witness things happening, you watch your mind as it pours out its thoughts and perspectives, ideas and judgments and you’re the witness. How well do you know the witness?

Here’s the next question. What’s behind the witness? Who’s behind the witness? Is there a witness of the witness? Can that go on forever, these witnesses to the witness? Ok then,  who’s the witness of the witness of the witness. Wait. So who’s the witness of the witness of the witness of the witness? 

What’s the source of the witness? Is it a who?

Are you only the witness or could you be the  source who manifested the consciousness of the witness? Could it be that you are source?  Try and put your “finger” on the source within and see what happens.

You may find that you can’t. If you really try, you may find it to be apparently impossible.

So are you source? No one can answer that for you. No one can tell you who or what you are. You’re in control of that. If you want you could just be the witness, or if you want you can play with this and drop the witness and see what happens.

Dropping consciousness 

When we drop consciousness out of the picture, there is only one thing left: free existence, freedom from the witness, and freedom from consciousness. One could say that there is pure intelligence there or unknowable, unfathomable  source that’s beyond consciousness.

The choice is always ours; we can choose to reconnect to that which gives rise to form Dropping the witness helps to burst through this current manifestation and open the flood gates to the pure intelligence that’s free from absolutely everything.

One would think it’s impossible to drop consciousness and that consciousness is all there is. But it’s easy once you know how you can drop everything so that you may know your purest potential and expression.

Now try this. Try and drop the witness. Let go of the witness, you can pretend that everything suddenly disappears and you are pure and in a state of free existence, free from even the thought “I AM.”. You just are.

Yes, it’s mind shattering, yet it’s liberating, even if you try it for just 10 seconds.

It’s all a dream

Nothing can define you and you are not actually knowable, because consciousness cannot touch or know it’s source. It’s hopelessly impossible to actually know source because it’s beyond consciousness. The only thing that can be done is to drop it all.

Whether you’re living a dream life or  experiencing a sort of nightmare, it’s all still just a dream. A  three-dimensional  holographic dream within the fabric of time and space.  We are Source’s Thought. Just like in the beginning there was the word and God spoke the universe into “form.”  We are part of that manifestation.

The fear

What if we drop everything, even ourselves and disappear?   This normally causes primal fear to arise. The fear of becoming zero, nothing, nada. That’s scary.   But what if by losing everything, you gain everything? What if by becoming nothing, you become everything? 

In many eastern spiritual teachings, that is exactly the teaching.  Osho often said “I have been zero for more than 30 years. Enlightenment is becoming zero.”

The Sufi Book

There is a Sufi book called simply The Book. It is one of the most revered books in the Sufi teachings. It has been passed down from generation to generation. From Master to the highest disciple who is going to take the position of the new Master.  It is at least 700 years old. This book is absolutely empty, there are no words,  just empty pages. There one can find the absolute; something words cannot express.  It’s the zero point, the beyond, the space between the words, the emptiness, the silence, nothingness, the unspeakable that then becomes the highest form of knowledge.

It all makes perfect sense.

Most people are running around constantly trying to achieve something, trying to be someone. There’s tremendous energy invested in trying to attain something on the outside. Imagine all of that energy spent on becoming a millionaire, famous, a star, gaining power, security and prestige. There is tremendous energy expended in trying to emulate these identities, especially the identification with yourself as a human being.

Become nothing, dropping everything and allowing yourself be just be simple, pure existence, unidentified beingness – pure knowingness, all of the energy previously invested gets returned back onto you. You become absolute fulfilled, totally joyful, not worried about the next moment. Without receiving or achieving anything, you spread love and joy without any effort. The entire universe is available within you. The mystery, the wonder, the effortlessness of life as it should be.

When some asks you who you are, you’d say, “I have no idea” and it’ll be the most liberating feeling ever.

So what’s your ultimate freedom?

Victor Da Ponte is an author, teacher and  Divine Alchemist. Join his free weekly transformational webcast sessions at

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Comment by Victor Da Ponte on March 2, 2013 at 5:22pm

Hi Dawn,

Thank you for that, I happy you like it. Thanks for the

good news about including this article. I did retitled it hope it's better. :-)

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