You Are An Alchemist When You Bless


When you bless, you create a beautiful energy of the connection with everything.


  • You form the merging through bonds of golden vibrating particles; a totality of all that seems separated, individual, and so disconnected.


  • You allow all that you are to unite, link, and swirl into complete wholeness of the ever-flowing universal frequencies of light.


  • With a simple blessing, you have the ability to rearrange the particles from one vibration to another.

Dr. Masaru Emoto is a Doctor of Alternative Medicine and an international author. He has experimented with water through seeing how your consciousness influences water.

Through this you tube, you will see the various words that he used as he communicated with water. You will also see how water reacted to these words.


It is really quite astounding to see the physical transformation of water with each word. It shows you how important it is to share love and bless everything in your life especially the water that you flows through your life and through your body in all aspects.


I wanted to share some ways how you can bless your life especially your water:


  • Bless all of your food and your water with love, honor, respect and gratitude, and let that overflow into everything and everyone on Mother Earth.
  • Just by saying I LOVE YOU, you change the alchemy of anything you eat and drink.
  • Bless your running water and shower water ….run your hands down the stream and charge it with golden-liquid, love light.
  • Bless your toilet water and any toilets you use…move your hand high above the toilet and say,” I am blessing you with golden-liquid, love light”.
  • Bless your washing machine water by moving your hands above your washer, and bless your water and detergent with golden-liquid, love light, and  do that for your dishwasher also.
  • Wrap your home in a bubble of golden white light, your family members, car  and the entire neighborhood.
  • Wrap your extended family and friends, your job, your clients, your customers; anywhere where you go and anything that you do in golden white light.
  • Bless and thank your electrical appliances; computer, phone, garbage disposal, blender, lawnmower, stove, refrigerator, and so much more.
  • Wrap these items in a bubble of golden white light daily.
  • Bless your animals with golden white light.
  • Bless everything and everyone, anything and anyone every day in every way.


I will also share a very special blessing that was shared with me several years ago as I began my Ascended Mastership. 


Multidimensional Prayer to be done day and night.


These prayers were channeled by my very special teacher who guided me to remember the Ashtar Commander that I am.


This is a one-derful prayer that has really assisted me in my journey towards ascension. I would read this every night and every day in the mirror:


All multidimensional, uni-dimensional, pieces of myself and my chakras clear. All darkness release from all multidimensional, uni-dimensional pieces and chakras. I release these transmuting energies into the white light, blue flame, the violet flame, Lord Michael, St. Germain; for what was upon this Earth is no longer, nor will it ever be again and as the cleansing comes, make that Light resilient, make that Light impervious, impenetrable, for I am a divine liquid love child of Omnicreation.


I command and demand all energies that do not serve me, to leave my Light; my energy field for I am strength. I am endurance. I am Love. I am wisdom. I am grace. I am courage. I am discernment. I am diversity. I am a child of God. I am one with God.

 I am a pure divine pillar of golden white light.

I am that, I am.


  • You must always love Omnicreator/God/Source comes first.
  • You must always love Self as much as you love Omnicreator/God/Source but not before.
  • You must always love others as much as Self.

That is perfection.

You will see magic shower upon your life as you bless, bless, bless, from morning until night.



Namaste and love,


Jacqueline's guides call her a Divine Illumination Encodement Counselor. Jacqui has been doing readings, healings and psychometry for over 30 years. According to Jacqui, she believes that we are here to illuminate the energetic magic and the brilliance of the stars. Each of us have gifts that are now revealing themselves to help transform ourselves. Therefore, as we live in joy, that vibration ripples through our planet and the galaxies allowing each of us to reach our sacred potentials.  She is a certified Faerie Healer and Angel Healing Practitioner, a Reiki Master, a Seraphim Blueprint Healing Practitioner, a Oneness Blessings Deeksha giver, a motivational storyteller, intuitive artist, author, musician, and a six sensory™ psychic certified with Sonia Choquette. She offers unique sessions called Blueprint Encodement Magic Activations.  They are guided meditative journeys that ignite the dormant codes within your essence. “ Blueprint Encodement  Magic Activations ignite your soul so that you remember that you have always been whole.” She is also a writer for Om Times Writer’s Community and for Satvidya  Ezine; She is a member of Unity of Naples and does various classes there.  She also does classes at Anahata. She also has her own blogtalk radioshow named Merlin’s Treasure Box.; She has an array of healing meditations and wonderful products as well. She has relocated back to Bonita Springs, Florida with her husband and her 2 kitties. You can find more info at Her membership site which is in the process of new development is Merlin's Treasure Box;

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