In my work as a counselor I have found that anyone over the age of 18 is quite likely to be carrying some amount or degree of regret; regret for what he or she did do or what he or she did not do. Occasionally that regret takes the form of all too heavy guilt. But be it regret or guilt it is still just another version of fear. We fear that because we were not “perfect” in some past action, we are always in danger of repeating some aspect of our own imperfection.

What if your judgment is flawed? What if you cannot access the right information? What if your timing is off? What if you already missed all the best opportunities and they are over and gone? Believe me when I say the “what if’s” are endless. Let’s turn them around. What if you are right? What if the best time is now? What if all the energy in the world is ready to support your decision? What if the universe has been waiting for you to act and you do take action? What if your idea is perfect? WHAT IF YOU WIN?

Although you may not be consciously aware of it, if you are personally suffering with any of that emotional/mental heaviness called fear, it may have come from your acceptance of what others have told you was “wrong” or “bad”. Those ideas may have been pushed on you years ago from friends, spouses, parents, employers or others but the origin is not important. What is important is your reaction to that useless injurious acquired guilt, your decision to carry it on forever or to drop it and let it go. Each of us must take charge of our beliefs and those accompanying attitudes.

Whether we call it regret, guilt or fear it definitely has the effect of “dampening down” the Spirit. It causes one to live way too much in past hurtful events. When we live in past unhappiness we create present time unhappiness. In the extreme example, through our heavy thoughts and feelings, we recreate the past by manifesting similarly depressing situations in our future. Certainly not the reality we would wish to lay on ourselves and to experience yet one more time.

If we spend time over analyzing, reevaluating and in essence amplifying our past failures or mistakes, it leaves us with no time, impetus or desire for moving ahead. What is urgently needed is our own permission to start from where we are and begin again creating our most positive heartfelt desires.

If we look honestly at what we want from our lives it becomes obvious that we need to impress upon ourselves, upon our thoughts, our feelings, that not only are new beginnings possible and available, those new beginnings are standing in the wings waiting for us to acknowledge them. All the possibilities are there eagerly anticipating some sign from us that we are willing to take personal action on our own behalf to move ourselves forward.

There are a lot of avenues or ways in which we become fearful, stuck or lost. When a close loved one or friend leaves us through death or simply moves away, it can leave us with a damaged sense of self. Perhaps we feel somehow we caused the leaving, we were guilty of not doing this or that for their sake. Again we may feel we used inappropriate action or words. Whether or not we were overly dependent on the other person, nevertheless their leaving seems to leave a temporary hole in our lives.

It is natural to experience a period of grieving over any loss but after a reasonable time it is important then to move ahead with life. There comes a time when we must again see the love and beauty around us and within us. We need to acknowledge the wonder of our lives. We simply do not have the right to let the life God gave us to wither away unused and unfulfilled. We need to once again access our life path with the help of our heart and soul inspired dreams.

Sometimes a similar period of fear and grieving may assail us when for a reason or reasons that may be altogether unexpected and possibly quite unclear we lose our employment or other valuable financial assets. We worry we cannot even try something new. We feel the loss was caused by something we did wrong. The thought of having to forge ahead to a new more joyful way of living and earning leaves us feeling weak or incapable. What we should acknowledge is the possibility that with this apparent loss there is the arrival of a good chance, a genuine opportunity to try a new path. There is every reason to believe that better things lay ahead of any loss if we will agree to become positive explorers looking to the Light.

Whatever you may have heard, whatever you may have been told, you are neither too old nor too young to start again. And no, you are not too tall, too short, too fat, too thin or too inexperienced.

So you say you did not go to this college or that school? Where is your passion; in other words, what subject draws you in and will not let you go? What do you wish to learn? Find the teacher. Find the course. TEACH YOUR SELF! You have full ability to take action today. Whatever your goal one little step a day will bring you there. Just start.

You don’t have the money? You don’t have the social standing? You need better clothes? You don’t have the right friends? You feel you are all alone. No one to help you. We can all find excuses. Let’s decide not to. Instead let’s take action. Talk to your guides. Talk to your angels. Talk to your high self. All of your helpers are your loving allies. They simply stand by, waiting for your call.

Begin with what you have. Begin right where you are. You are valuable. Don’t waste yourself and your time. Keep your efforts going till you accomplish your goals. There is always more than one way up the hill. If you sincerely want to find your road and are willing to begin by putting your energy into the hunt, you will find it. You will keep on keeping on till you find yourself at the top.

Select a personal journal and begin today writing in it. Fill it full of your optimistic ideas, your positive faith-filled dreams. Even if they seem impossible or improbable, write them down anyway. What looks impossible today may very well be the perfect idea tomorrow.

This is your private book. In privacy read your ideas out loud to yourself again and again. Adjust them as you feel led until you are certain they are whole. You may have that perfect idea or desire that is capable of drawing in all manner of assistance perhaps even entrepreneurial help and financing if that is what is needed. You may have an idea that will change your whole life or change the world.

Suppose your dream has always been to travel. Get a scrapbook started with all kinds of routes and pictures. Cut out itineraries. Put energy into your choices. I remember reading of the success of a single lady who wore a colorful dress printed with pictures from various foreign countries. She wore her “creation dress” at every opportunity. Somehow her programmed trips just seemed to find her.

If you are looking for a new life partner, what sort of person would fit with your personality and lifestyle? Don’t be afraid to put the details down in writing in your journal. Get down to the specifics and then decide if you might need to make some adjustments to yourself. Perhaps taking part in some more outgoing social events might be in order. It is hard to meet people if you are hiding out at home. Maybe your smile has been under utilized lately. You can fix that!

Whatever you wish to create try to see it as a whole picture, the completed manifestation. Imprint it on your mind. Really feel the feelings it would give you. How would the satisfying results affect you? What results would you see? Then start believing you have those results right now. You and your imagination have limitless power. Create your new beginning in any form and in any way you wish! Not even the sky is the limit.

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